1/10/14 - Roy has some exciting solo stuff going on in Austin. One show is tomorrow night, at One 2 One Bar, and there's also a really great monday night series happening at Strange Brew this winter, hosted by Matt the Electrician. Roy is playing february 9th, along with Eric Bettencourt (ya, Mainers!), and two of Austin's coolest instrumentalists, Jon Greene and Tom Pearson. That one's at 7pm, and should be so cool.

1/1/15 - Happy new year from the Coloradas! We have some news. We'll be working on US tour dates in April and Roy's record should be coming out in a couple months here. Stay tuned for more announcements, like how to preview the record, and pre-sale info. 2015, babies. We made it.

10/1/14 - Roy's solo record is finished! It's called The Awakening. You should buy it, once released. Looking at an early spring release date.

5/24/14 - Hi folks! Roy is working on a solo (non-coloradas, but with a band) record, and a solo tour in July/August! He's looking to play some house concerts along the way. Below is a list of some cities that he will be passing through on that tour. If you'd like to be helpful, maybe share this information with friends from afar. Also, recommendations for small venues are cool too. For more information or to book a show, please send an email to booking@thecoloradas.com. Cheers! Cities:

Upstate NY (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo)
Erie, PA
Cleveland, OH area
Chicago area (preferably south of Chicago, I'm a small town boy)
Madison, WI
South Dakota (close to I-90)
Eastern Wyoming
Might also go through Omaha/Denver

5/8/14 - European tour dates are over! We had a blast. Love Europe. All the shows went really well and we couldn't be happier. See you soon, Maine friends (the hive on May 23rd).

4/1/14 - Some changes have been made to the European Big Empty tour dates! We've added shows in Duffel and Eisenberg, and there's been a venue change in Weimar. WE ARE SO STOKED. See you soon, european friends. Here's the final list:

18.04. Zittau, DE - Emil
19.04. Leipzig, DE - KE28 Attic
20.04. Döbeln, DE - Cafe Courage
22.04. Berlin, DE - White Trash Fast Food
23.04. Dresden, DE - Blue Note
24.04. Weimar, DE - Laden
25.04. Darmstadt, DE - Bedroomdisco
26.04. Fürstenwalde - Parkhotel
27.04. Eisenberg - HighStreetThree
28.04. Hamburg, DE - Ponybar
29.04. Kiel, DE - Prinz Willy
30.04. Bremen, DE - Dete
02.05. Düsseldorf, DE - Brause
03.05. Köln, DE - Weltempfänger
04.05. Duffel, BE - Theater Water
05.05. Winterthur, CH - Portier
08.05. Vienna, AT - Fluc

3/1/14 - Spring European tour dates are in! You can find them in the 'shows' tab, but also, this is them:

18.04. Zittau, DE - Emil
19.04. Leipzig, DE - KE28 Attic
20.04. Döbeln, DE - Cafe Courage
22.04. Berlin, DE - White Trash Fast Food
23.04. Dresden, DE - Blue Note
24.04. Weimar, DE - Galerie Eigenheim
25.04. Darmstadt, DE - Bedroomdisco
26.04. Fürstenwalde - Parkhotel
28.04. Hamburg, DE - Ponybar
29.04. Kiel, DE - Prinz Willy
30.04. Bremen, DE - Dete
02.05. Düsseldorf, DE - Brause
03.05. Köln, DE - Weltempfänger
05.05. Winterthur, CH - Portier
08.05. Vienna, AT - Fluc

2/8/14 - We've begun working on a project recording, producing, and backing up one of our favorite songwriters ever to exist: Garrett Soucy. He is truly a gem of a human, and one of the the most thoughtful, meaningful songwriters to walk planet earth. Really psyched about this project. As soon as we have samples for y'all to hear, they'll be up on this website and others. Here's a photo from the session:

12/15/13 - We're so psyched for January's shows! The first two are Club Passim (our favorite boston venue) on January 7th and Acoustic Artisans, portland's finest new listening venue, on January 10th. They'll both be tons of fun! Hope y'all can make it. Have a great holiday stretch here, and we'll see you after!

12/1/13 - We've just put the finishing touches on a couple new videos shot at Coffin Road Cabin in Thorndike, Maine! One stars Dinah the cat. The other has a weird techno intro. Check them out:

11/22/13 - The reviews are rolling in! Some in english, some in german. Some pretty good, some really good. Here's a few to sample:

No Depression (via Red Line Roots)
The Portland Phoenix
American Roots UK
Das Kleinicum

11/15/2013 - Phew! Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a whirlwind ever since the record came out. The LP is released in Europe today! We're very excited. Thanks to our Hometown Caravan family in Germany! Here's a picture of a Lily holding the LP:

She loves it!

10/22/13 - Today is the day! Big Empty is on sale. Check it out and buy over at itunes or CDBaby.

The Coloradas: Big Empty

10/16/13 - Holy review day! Three great reviews by 9AM. You can check them out over at their respective websites: Redline Roots (excellent blog based out of Boston, that stretches their "local music" definition to include us Mainers). The Bangor Daily News (for northern Maine folks, we're playing Nocturem Draft Haus on Nov. 16th). The Portland Press Herald (double CD release with great boston band Girls Guns & Glory October 25th at One Longfellow Square).

10/1/13 - Bernie's tune "All I Can Do For Today" from the new album is being featured over at The Alternate Root's top ten songs of the week! And amongst good company (Buddy Guy, Mark Knopfler). Check it out.

9/24/13 - On your marks, get set, GO! The Big Empty Pre-Sale has begun. You can get it by following the simple instructions over at the pre-sale section of this website: CLICK HERE.

8/19/13 - The CD's have arrived! Hey little buddies. You want one? October 22nd in the US, November 15th in Europe. Members of the press, contact us at info@thecoloradas.com for your copy.

7/25/13 - Details on new england CD release tour coming soon!

7/15/13 - The album is off to mastering. Release dates set. US: October 22nd, Europe: November 15th.

5/20/13 - Planning US and European tour dates for the fall! The Coloradas and Roy solo dates. Stay tuned.

4/28/13 - We've finished tracking! The new album is going to be called Big Empty, and it has 14 new songs. Definitely our best album yet, which is always the feeling we aim for. It's a bit mellower than the last record, more of a duo album, with occasional help from pals. We loved making it, and we hope you folks enjoy it when it comes out (September).

Talk to you soon!

Roy and Bernie

4/20/13 - Here's a shot of Bernie recording with the guitar that Roy built this winter. Her name is Melissa (Dana Scully's sister).

3/1/13 - We've started tracking the new album! Super stoked. Stay tuned for upates.

1/24/13 - First video of the Mt. Airy Sessions released! Bernie's new tune, Well Worn Trail. Check it:

The Coloradas Mt. Airy Sessions "Well Worn Trail" from The Coloradas on Vimeo.

12/29/12 -Hi folks! We're pushing the release of the next album to the end of summer, to make sure it's exactly as badass as we want it. to keep the insatiable masses happy, we're working on promo videos of us performing the new songs live at our home studio "B" in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Coming soon!

12/11/12 - Roy demos a new tune for the album.

Roy Davis (The Coloradas) "Hawk in the Desert Sky" from The Coloradas on Vimeo.

11/25/12 - We're hard at work on the new album, aiming for an April release. it should be a doozy. blog, photos, video coming soon!

-Roy and the boys, and girl.

9/18/12 - Review of the album over at Bluegrass Unlimited. Check 'er out:

Bluegrass Unlimited Coloradas Review

8/15/12 - We were joined by Amanda Kowalski in the studio today to start tracking the next album! Only a couple songs in, but we're super stoked with how it's sounding. Stay tuned for more info.

6/1/2012 - We've reached our peak! Our band name, on a beer in Germany. We can now die happy.

5/10/12 - We've been nominated in the Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll this year, in the 'Best Album' and 'Best Song' categories. Click here to vote in all categories.

2/9/12 - Some European reviews are rolling in. Check these two out, they are in Czech and German, respectively. USA peeps can and should google translate for some laughs.

Czech Review in CzechCore

German Review in Das Klienicum

2/6/12 - The LP's have arrived! Nuclear missiles of thanks to our pals at Hometown Caravan for being all that is good and righteous and pure in this world.

1/20/12 - The boys were featured on the front page of the Portland Phoenix today, along with a nifty little review.

Click here to read it!

1/10/12 - There's a review/interview with Roy featured on the front page over at No Depression's website. ND has always been the decider of what's cool in roots music, as far as we're concerned, so this is great news for us. If you care to read it click below:

No Depression's Coloradas Review/Interview